Director's Notes

By Molly Atkinson

I can remember very clearly being in my parents basement, surrounded by old clothes, hats, and bags, old toys,  cardboard boxes and granny’s old fur coats. I remember my sisters and I staying downstairs for hours and hours, setting it all up and building stories. Playing at playing until we couldn’t remember where we began and the stories ended. 


This was my childhood, and this is where i imagine Peter Pan sits. A boy who never wants to grow old and will forever be playing in some basement, or attic or backyard. He will never come back when it’s time for dinner or stop playing when it’s time to get the bus for school. He is that part of us that is there just before we make that decision to start getting ready for work, or to decide what to make the kids for dinner. Or that moment before we decide to finish the taxes or right before we decide to brush our teeth. 


What would happen if we just kept playing?
Working with these children has allowed to me to keep playing. We have created a world where anything can happen, and usually does. 


We have created a place where sticks and wooden boxes have become anything we want, and window frames lead to a world of possibilities that even in our own imagination seems impossible. 


I have asked these performers for as much of their creativity and imagination as they can muster and they have given me a renewed sense of excitement for theatre that in our increasingly complicated world can sometimes seem hidden and very hard to find. 


To watch these young actors work and grow has been amazing and I am very proud to present our version of Peter Pan to you. 

Cast  Appears courtesy of Canadian Actors Equity Association

Creative Team Appears courtesy of Canadian Actors Equity Association



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