How We Are Using Zoom

All our Virtual Lessons will be held over Zoom. Each class has a unique link and password to keep your meetings private. We have enacted a number of extra security features to maintain your privacy such as:


  • Disabling the chat function that allows users to chat with each other privately; students may only chat with the meeting host (either an instructor or Bravo Academy administrator).

  • Disabling the option for meeting participants to change their display name.

  • Creating a waiting room so that only approved participants may enter the meeting.

  • Disabling the option for meeting participants to record their own copy of the lesson.

  • Enabling the option for the meeting host to “lock” the meeting room, which does not allow any new participants to join the meeting once it has started.

  • Enabling the option for the meeting host to expel a participant from the meeting if necessary.

  • Enabling the meeting host to mute participants or turn off participants’ videos.

  • Disabling the option for meeting participants to share their screen or computer sound during the lesson.

  • Recording lessons for safety and quality control.

Supervised Account Creation

Personal Zoom accounts, which are required to participate in Virtual Lessons, must be created and administered by a parent or guardian. Students under the age 18 may not create a Zoom account, based on the terms of service laid out on

Best Practices for Using Zoom in Your Home
  • Set up your lessons in a supervised area, as opposed to a closed room. This allows parents to easily monitor their children’s learning.

  • Clear the immediate area around your device to allow for a neutral background.

  • Show your child how to turn off their microphone and video, should they wish to do so at any time.

  • Make other family members aware that your child will be participating in a Virtual Lesson, so they may avoid appearing in the background, if desired.

  • Talk to your children about appropriate conduct in a Virtual Lesson. Yellow Door Theatre Project has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate language and behaviour, included but not limited to swearing, discriminatory language, adult or discriminatory images, or any other conduct deemed inappropriate for participants under the age of 18. Any such conduct will result in the student’s removal from the Virtual Lesson.