Teen (14-18)


Current Classes for Our Senior Age Group

Combo Dance Class

Sundays  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm May 6 - June 10

Join professional musical theatre and dance artist, Jacqueline Burtney, for a very special dance class session that will include basic technique (ballet, jazz, tap). This class will provide the students with an opportunity to: 

1. Brush up dance skills for musical theatre auditions
2. Learn the skills necessary to pick up choreography at auditions and rehearsals
3. Prep for college musical theatre classes

Appropriate for teens with or without any previous dance experience.

COST: 6 weeks,  SENIOR Level $150

Scene Study Class

Sundays  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm May 6 - June 10

Learn and memorize small scenes from plays, focus on learning:

1. Specific character and how to determine relationships

2. Breaking down a scene; what does my character want? What is my character’s obstacle? How does my character get what they want?

3. How to listen to your scene partner and react naturally

COST: 6 weeks,  SENIOR Level $150

10% Discount for registering for BOTH the Combo Dance and Scene Study Class. ($270)


Teen Performance Company

The Crack of Doom or:

How I Learned to Love the Meteor

The Teen Performance Company is a modern and innovative professional training program focused on training the next generation of music theatre artists. Through continuing development of new, contemporary musicals,
our intensive program assists and advances youth artists as they work towards careers. We strive to challenge and educate artists to reach their potential, by emulating a professional rehearsal and production process. In addition artists will work with top industry professionals!


January 19 March 2, 2019
Saturday and Sunday afternoons

1:00 to 5:00 pm
Workshop Performances

March 1st & 2nd
Ages: 14 to 18

COST: $500